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Embed Page - Best Example

Regular Page with SWFObject code (first movie); second and third movies are added using 'add new file' and <embed> instead of <object>

The examples here were added using different types of embed technology. The first (right) uses the swfObject <object> embed scheme. It was found this can be used only once per page. The second and third (below) were added using embed tags. This can get tricky to use the right path pointing the the files. It uses a sniffer (JS) file that detects if the plugin exists and if it doesn't it shows an image along with a button pointing to download the plugin from Adobe.


I don't like having the customer adding embed in HTML. Maybe Dave could create a GUI page for adding videos for float left or right within a page, or to employ his idea for stacked content using the Plone methods.


Several attempts were made to add content using Rich Document page type. We've done this successfully on other deployments. This can work but seems to only work with the swfObject method. In any event it would mean copy and pasting code to the HTML area.


Examples of these can be found here:



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