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As the engineer in charge of maintenance or reliability for your facility, you are charged with extending the mean time between failures (MTBF) and lowering life cycle costs associated with the equipment in your facility.  These are lofty goals, considering your workload and the unending list of equipment failures.  The reality of the situation is that due to timing constraints you often settle into a firefighting mode and put predictive maintenance (PdM) on the back burner.

As your partner in reliability, we have the time, tools and trained personnel available to trend a wide array of statistics and kick your predictive maintenance program into high gear.  Below is a partial list of tests that we can conduct to monitor your systems.  Our capabilities also include analyzing the collected data and providing you with valuable insights to help extend the uptime of your equipment.

  • Vibration

  • Power Factor

  • Dissipation Factor

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Oil Analysis

  • Motor Circuit Evaluation

  • Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR)

  • Infrared Survey

  • Disturbance Analysis

  • And More!


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