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Electro-Mechanical Services


Whether you rely on AC, wound rotor, or synchronous motors, we have unrivaled skills at maintaining and repairing your motors.  From our expert winders and complete machine shops through to our investment in innovative testing technologies and training, we have what it takes to keep your motors running longer.


Our repair procedures for DC motors, MG sets and generators have been optimized over the history of our company to provide you with the most reliable machines at the lowest life-cycle cost.  Don't trust the repair of these devices to just anyone; we have the technical capabilities, the experience, and the expertise to maintain and repair your DC equipment. 


Your dynamometers are often the final test of your shipped product.  The maintenance and repair of these highly engineered, precision systems requires specialized test equipment, attention to the most minute details, and a highly skilled staff.  Trust the repair source that the OEMs rely on - call us.


We have been specializing in clutches and press drives for decades.  During this time, we have gained a vast knowledge and understanding of the construction, original design elements, application data, and parts availability for brakes, clutches and press drives.  Our fundamental understanding of these machines equates to extended life for your equipment.


As you evaluate repair facilities for your servo motors and spindle motors, remember that these devices require expertise that exceeds your standard rotating equipment repair shop.  The feedback devices and drives for these systems are integral to the repair process.  We have the drives and feedback capabilities to completely test these devices.

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