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We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all associates in fact, safety is the highest priority of the Company.  We believe that asafety_3 safe work environment is critical to having a productive work environment, and this can only be achieved through cooperation and shared responsibility of each associate and management.  The success of our Company depends on our ability to perform our work in a manner that is safe, efficient, timely, and with the highest quality standards.  By working together, we have developed a culture of safety excellence throughout the Company.  We take pride in our excellent safety culture and results; therefore, we are dedicated to our goal of being a "zero-injury workplace."  This goal is fully backed by Company Officers and top management and is posted in writing at every Company facility.

We recognized early on that it is not enough to say "we want you to work safely."  The hazards are too great, and one slip can be a life changing event.  From experience, we know that the best way to prevent accidents from causing injuries is through excellent training and communication.  Company associates are trained from day one on spotting hazards and the appropriate measures to prevent those hazards from becoming injuries.  All of our technicians receive top-notch safety training both in-house and through 3rd parties (like the AVO Training Institute).  All newly hired associates are put through an in-depth safety orientation, and all associates receive over 70 hours of dedicated safety training annually.  We require that at least 50 percent of the associates on a field service crew be trained in first aid and CPR by a certified training organization.

safety_6The work we perform is inherently dangerous either from electrical, mechanical, or site hazards.  While work is being performed, associates are equipped with the proper personal protective equipment, tools, and training to avoid or eliminate these hazards.  You can rest assured that when our technicians are working on-site at one of your facilities, they are doing so in the safest manner possible.  Prior to starting work, associates perform a job hazard analysis to ensure they have identified all the potential hazards of the work area and the tasks to be performed.  After completing the job hazard analysis, a pre-job toolbox meeting is held to discuss the hazards, emergency response, PPE, and other safety concerns with the entire work crew.  During the toolbox meeting, associates are encouraged to ask questions.  It is our firm belief that communication is critical to ensuring the job is done safely.  While work is being performed, all associates are constantly on the lookout for any hazard and trained to immediately communicate new hazards to their supervisor and others.

Our Safety Program meets or exceeds OSHA requirements, and we have a full time Safety Director on staff who will work with you to ensure we meet your expectations and comply with any site specific requirements or industry regulations.  Beyond meeting requirements, we look at safety as a long term investment.  Purchasing the right personal protective equipment and taking the time to properly train associates takes a considerable investment, but the return on that investment is immeasurable.

Our safety program and culture DEMAND results; we have consistently had an injury rate lower than average for our industry, and a significantly lower severe injury rate (Days Away, Transferred or Restricted).  Our program is constantly evolving to further reduce and eliminate all injuries, as being "better than industry average" is not enough for us.  We strive to be the BEST and the safest service provider on your vendor list.  Contact any Company associate to learn more about our safety program.  Supporting documentation and the full program are always available upon request (see link below for immediate access to the table of contents of our safety program).  If you want a service provider that goes the extra mile for safety you want Kiemle-Hankins.

Company Safety Program-Table of Contents

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