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When you call Kiemle-Hankins and Birclar, you will be working with a team that understands urgency, integrity and safety.  Our greatest strength is the professionalism and technical expertise of our service technicians.  Our service teams are proficient at services conducted in your facility, in our shop, on scheduled maintenance, or in response to emergency repairs.  When you call us, 24x7x365, you will speak with a knowledgeable associate who can facilitate the appropriate response to your requirements.  Our goal is to solve problems associated with the repair, maintenance and testing of the key electrical, electro-mechanical and mechanical assets in your facility.  Our mission is to lower your life-cycle costs of these critical assets.


Electrical  Over the last three decades, we have developed our electrical system service offering to solve customer-related power system problems.  Our team is trained, equipped and ready to tackle all of the maintenance, testing and repair requirements associated with substation and switchgear equipment.  Don’t make the mistake of entrusting the care of this equipment to just anyone; we have decades of substation and switchgear experience and will solve your problem.


Electro-Mechanical  The repair of rotating equipment is at the very heart of our company.  Our long history working with electro-mechanical systems, including motors, dynamometers, clutches and press drives ensures that we are not only familiar with your equipment - we understand your  application!  Our extensive knowledge allows us to tailor our solution to your problem, guaranteeing unrivaled results - results that will be measured in extra years of worry-free running!


Mechanical  Your mechanical systems have a direct effect on the efficiency and productivity of the entire facility.  We have structured our maintenance, repair and testing capabilities to ensure the reliability of your pumps, blowers and gearboxes.  Call us, when you need proven solutions that extend the life of your mechanical systems.



 As you tour our website, you will come to appreciate the synergy of all the services we offer.  We are experts at the entire one-line diagram from the substation to the motor and through to the driven equipment.  Please explore our service offerings and capabilities then you can decide for yourself.  When you choose Kiemle-Hankins and Birclar, you will receive candid and timely feedback regarding your problem, and how we can help!

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